RIYL: Mac Demarco / Mild High Club / Gold Celeste / Good Morning

Label: Self Released

YES! Epic lo-fi psychedelic indie/bedroom-pop on wax for the first time!

Been Loving this one ever since I stumbled upon it via some heavy BandCamping, and I’ve been playing my tape to bits and pieces with fingers crossed for a Vinyl reissue (Digital/Cassette only back in -16). Stoked that this is finally happening!

Much due to the mellow hope / subtile sunshine-vibe, this gem instantly struck me deeper than most sounds I listen to, and their aesthetics pulls me into the same orbits I frequent when tuning into the brilliant Gold Celeste. The bedroom/DIY-expression is much more apparent with this bunch though, something that suits their flair for crafty compositions that really gets under your skin. Parallels can also be drawn towards some of Mac DeMarco‘s more soulful, laidback arrangements, Good Morning‘s playfulness and the and the soothing sounds of Mild High Club. 

Favourite track: “The not real lake”. If this doesn’t get to you, nothing will.

I simply cannot recommend this enough, people.. It is an album that plants a seed in you that you find yourself coming back to again and again. You need/deserve this album!

Remastered for Vinyl, including 2 previously unreleased tracks, self-released and pressed onto 1000 Black Vinyl LPs.  Might very well be the best spent 15$ (20CAD) spent this year.

PS! Loving dropped a new single just the other day as well! Check out the wonderful NIHILIST KITE FLYER


The Details

hello, we now have records of our self-titled release available.
7 tracks + 2 previously unreleased.
Artwork and design by dani proteau

Price $15

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