Ari Picker and co. are an ambitious bunch. With their first release ‘Time Taunts Me,’ there is a plethora of orchestral bliss and intricacy across the album. Many deem this music to be  ‘orchestral-folk-pop.’ Hey, sounds interesting, right? Well, quite frankly, it’s phenomenal stuff. As an introductory release, this album unveils some astonishing potential moving forward! And well… they have definitely moved forward with a few more albums since this release!! Check these folks out!!

The first 500 copies of this record were on Translucent Red vinyl – this is now sold out. The second pressing, of 500 more, sees the album being placed on classically-clean White vinyl.

Down below are a few tracks, including a live performance of the title track ‘Time Taunts Me,’ done so through the scope of La Blogothèque’s “Take Away Show” program.

The Details

Lost in the Trees-Time Taunts Me LP+CD+MP3

This album comes in Trekky Records' signature 3-part package: a vinyl record, compact disc and MP3 download, all in one. We hope this format will let you enjoy the album in every different way you listen to music, and we've priced it so that it is still affordable even if you don't have a record player, CD player or MP3 player.

Lost in the Trees had an amazing 2010. They joined forces with Anti- Records, released a powerful new version of All Alone In An Empty House, toured the USA and Canada, recorded a Take Away Show in Montreal with La Blogotheque, filmed an NPR Tiny Desk Concert and performed in front of the United States Congress in DC, recorded a Daytrotter Session, filmed their first music video, and even had a custom ale brewed in their honor. But worry not, Lost in the Trees is gearing up for 2011 to be even more special and spectacular.

On February 01, 2011, Trekky Records will release the deluxe, re-recorded and expanded reissue of Lost in the Trees' Time Taunts Me. Trekky initially released Time Taunts Me as a seven-song EP back in 2007, which served as many listeners' introduction to Ari Picker's hauntingly unique and compelling brand of orchestral folk. The EP won glowing reviews; Pitchfork Media called it "orchestral and ambitious...[an] intensely lush collection", while PopMatters likened it to "the soundtrack to your favorite indie film". Time Taunts Me quickly went out of print.

Over the past three years, between extensive touring and multiple releases, Picker found himself returning to the bedroom recordings of Time Taunts Me, fleshing out and augmenting the baroque compositions until they were as big as they sounded in his head. Picker also recorded three new songs, written during the Time Taunts Me sessions but never put to tape, expanding the seven-song EP into a proper full-length. This is Time Taunts Me the way Picker always envisioned it; and the way the world should hear it now. The album is a snapshot of a younger Ari Picker, searching for peace and shelter from external forces, discovering his musical voice and creating a vibrant, orchestrated sonic palette. Trekky Records is excited to present Time Taunts Me in our signature 3-part LP+CD+MP3 package. This is the first time that Time Taunts Me will be available on vinyl, so we're celebrating by pressing the record on beautiful, red wax!

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Tall Trees

Side A
1. Lost in the Snow
2. Time Taunts Me
3. Tall Trees
4. I've Always Loved The Fall

Side B
5. If You're Afraid Of The Dark
6. Ballroom Dancing
7. Utterly Alone
8. For Elizabeth And John
9. Lamp Post
10. Time. It Will Not Erase Me

Price $15

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