RIYL: The Wild Reeds, First Aid Kit, The Staves

Label: New West Records

A lot of the charm of Lily & Madeleine’s recordings is the electric connection they have in their harmonies, but what you might find different in Canterbury Girls is their freedom in song. On their previous albums, they were restricted in their writing  but here we see their strong and independent nature come forth in their music.  “We did co-write with some people that we really love. But everything on this record is completely ours. I feel like I have full ownership over it, and that makes me feel very strong and independent.”

The lead single is only a slight departure from their previous sound, but packs a punch of emotions as done best by L & M. The sound is very reminiscent of my previous post on the Wild Reeds without losing their strongest asset, their harmonies.

This can be found on Limited Edition Pink signed by Lily & Madeleine through New West Records. You can also get the US indie version on purple marbled vinyl or the UK indie version on purple vinyl. Hope you enjoy.

New West Records Exclusive

Limited Edition Signed Pink Vinyl ($17) or Test Pressing ($100).

Indie Exclusive UK

Limited Edition Purple Vinyl LP ($19)

Indie Exclusive US

Limited Edition ‘Purple’ Marbled Vinyl LP ($20)

The Details

New West Records:
150g bubble gum pink vinyl (exclusive to New West Store, signed)
12", 1-LP. released 2/22/19

Indie Exclusive UK:
Limited Purple Vinyl LP
This LP is released on Friday 22nd February.

Indie Exclusive US:
Limited Edition 'Purple' Marbled LP.

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Price $17

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