Our favorite 80s WASP conman released more than one album, folks. Earlier this week, someone in Calgary put up his sophomore LP for auction and it’s reached over $1700 at the time of this writing. To be honest, we at Sly were formulating a plan to snipe it to attempt to re-issue/remaster it but apparently Light In The Attic had a trump card up their sleeves; they were saving that for who knows when. To the Albertan putting on the auction: I thank you forcing their hand. For all we know, Lewis could have many more LPs waiting to be “found.”

The mythos surrounding this man is enthralling. You see the stereotypical WASP status symbols in Lewis’ background (and on his body), but you wonder if they’re even his, much less if the guy even had any money – his $250 check bounced from a photo session for his L’Amour photo shoot, according to his, surprise surprise, photographer for it. Maybe he felt like cheaping out and using a hot check, or his account didn’t have any money to begin with… You have to wonder where “Lewis Baloue/Randall A. Wulff” is now… if you’re reading this (if you’re even alive…), you might want to claim your piling royalties and tell the internet a story. I’m sure you have plenty. To be frank, this is some of the eeriest music I’ve heard in a while – with or without the context.

Check out the preview of Romantic Times by going through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Light In The Attic reissued this in the iconic Miami Vice colors, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a heads-up, the pink version is $18 with the blue only being available for subscribers. Cheers!

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Digital – Out Now
CD – August 26th
LP – November 18th

Earlier this year, we released the mysterious, bewitching L’Amour, a 1983 private press record thought to be the only release by one of music’s true lost talents: Lewis.

So lost, in fact, was Lewis, he eluded every effort to track him down. Scant details were known: just a series of possibly apocryphal stories about a sports car-driving Canadian with a model on his arm and a habit of skipping town when there were bills to be paid.

Deciding that Lewis’ spider web-delicate songs demanded to be heard, we put the album out anyway, offering to present the due royalties to anyone who could prove they were Lewis.

One sure thing was this: Lewis was a man of many names: Randall A. Wulff among them. Now we have either found another alias – or perhaps even his real name – on the sleeve of a completely unknown album.

Sourced soon after the re-release of L’Amour, Romantic Times is the 1985 follow-up to L’Amour – and it’s released as Lewis Baloue. The name may be slightly different, but this is absolutely our man: a familiar blond posing on the sleeve, a familiar, tortured voice pouring his heart out over languid synths and synthetic waltz beats.

Remastered from a sealed, vinyl copy of the ultra-rare album, the album was discovered in the vaults of DJ and collector Kevin “Sipreano” Howes in Vancouver, BC. It’s so rare that what is, at present, the only other known copy – found in the same Calgary store where Aaron Levin discovered a batch of sealed copies of L’Amour – is presently soaring into quadruple digits on eBay.

Even engineer Dan Lowe, credited for working on the album at Calgary’s Thunder Road Studios, remembered little about the session other than that Lewis seemed to be “under the influence”. Yet the music is utterly captivating.

The album further fleshes out the Lewis myth – we see him pictured in that white suit with his famous white Mercedes and a private jet too; we hear him focussing more intently on matters of the heart, and appearing to unravel in the process. “I felt like I was witnessing a full-blown exorcism of a phantom clad in the finest linen,” writes filmmaker and historian Jack D. Fleischer in his brand new liner notes. “This record went further [than L’Amour ]. It was a personal plea, of sorts. Something had gone wrong. Nerves were clearly exposed.”

It paints Lewis, then, as being more like a David Lynch character than even his debut did, exposing the darkness beneath the sheen. The album is presently being readied for release to the throng of new fans Lewis has found, willingly or not. The man himself remains a total enigma.

First ever LP reissue, first time on CD & Digital
All tracks newly re-mastered
LP housed in deluxe Stoughton “Tip-On” gatefold jacket
Liner notes by Jack D. Fleischer
All CD & LP Pre-orders include immediate MP3 download of the full album
LP includes download card for MP3 of the full album
Color vinyl editions:
200 on “Malibu Blue” wax (LITA Vinyl Subscriber exclusive)
500 on “Pastel Pink” wax (LITA.net pre-orders exclusive, limit 2 per customer)

Price $18

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