If we’re making the album title into a math equation: Water – Tide = Pool.  Who needs the fear of a jellyfish humping your leg at the coast?  Who needs sand in their margarita?  Half of the ocean is immersed in oil spillage anyway.  Just give me a decent-sized concrete hole filled with chlorine water, a floaty, a beer coozie and some decent tunes and I’m good for 3 months.

Lemonade, the beverage, is about as similar as it gets to Lemonade the band.  They’re both really good mixers with alcohol, perfect in the summer, easy to ingest and even easier to sell outside your house to your neighbors for a nice profit (Disclaimer: Sly Vinyl does not endorse flipping your vinyl).

Lemonade’s first single Orchid Bloom is a contagious smile-inducing dance pop track with bouncy staccato synths and buttery, androgynous vocals.

Enjoy, and remember… always swim with a buddy.


The Details


NY party starters Lemonade are set to release their third album, Minus Tide, on September 9.

The new record is a true step forward for the trio, boasting their most contemporary and evolved songwriting to date. The material is rich with dynamic rhythms, tropical soundscapes and tribal drum patterns. Minus Tide shows the act's tremendous growth into glistening depths of highly polished pop sounds.

Release: September 9, 2014
Catalogue: CSN045
Format: 12" Vinyl
Download Card: Yes

Price $16

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