Label: Martin Hossbach

What adorns the cover of Justus Köhncke’s An Alle is a yellow circle all alone in a gray aether… grey sure does seem to popping up a lot in the thematic elements of my pieces this week. The yellow, and let’s call this strategically placed body of color a sun, gives life to the lifeless background. Around Köhncke’s voice, which is comically devoid of emotion for the most part, he employs the use of numerous psychedelic effects evoking the production techniques of of Montreal, or Elephant 6, giving the work its vibrancy. A subversive move, where usually the emotion will lie in the vocal delivery. Perhaps it’s the language barrier, but Köhncke almost sounds as if he’s struggling to keep a pulse reminding me of AtomTM’s anti-pop anthem “Ich bin meine maschine.”  In this context, I mean it as a compliment as the juxtaposition with the acid-soaked production is superb. An Alle. To Everyone. Listen to a preview of An Alle below by clicking through the Buy Now link and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Finally, Justus Köhncke is unveiling new tracks! His first release since »Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band« (KOMPAKT, 2013) is both daring and serious. Five songs in German, interpretations of material by Howard Carpendale, Juliane Werding and Nik P. plus English-into-German translations of two pop classics (»Twist In My Sobriety« by Tanita Tikaram, »Captain Of Her Heart« by DOUBLE). This is not an ironic joke about seemingly ›stupid music‹ or ›Schlager‹: Köhncke embraces these five compositions and turns them into his own. They transmutate into his very own vision of ›nu-german comps-soul‹ while retaining Justus’ unique sound. The EP will be released digitally and as a limited vinyl 12” on the Berlin-based label »Martin Hossbach. We cry, we sing. Alone.

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