RIYL: Paul Orwell, The Babe Rainbow, Mystic Braves

Label: Six Tonnes De Chair Records / Third Eye Stimuli Records

New Zealand troubadour and psych balladeer Joe Ghatt has readied his debut full-length with French label Six Tonnes de Chair Records and Aussie label Third Eye Stimuli, who teamed up to bring this labor of love to all of you heads, active listeners, voters and promoters. Ghatt’s brand of vintage popadelica brushes up against a number of inspirations, from Donovan’s twee folk groove to the 60’s L.A. organ drugscapes of The Seeds and their ilk. Fans of more the modern primitives like Paul Orwell, Allah-Las and Mystic Braves will love Banana Sludge with all their being.

There are only 6 copies left of the yellow vinyl, so I wouldn’t wait long if you want that variant. Only 150 copies were made! If you miss the yellow, grab the black vinyl limited to 200 copies. Third Eye Stimuli has a few black copies HERE if you live in Australia. Listen to the whole album below and be sure you’ve packed plenty of protein for the cosmic journey that awaits you.

The Details

- Yellow vinyl - 100 copies
- Black Vinyl - 200 copies
- Heavy weight hand screen printed jacket
- 2 additional tracks (vinyl edition exclusive)
- Released hands in hands with Third Eye Stimuli Records.

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Price $19.80

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