RIYL: Spires, Temples

Label: Greenway Records

We¬†focus on first pressings usually at Sly, but every once in a while, there’s a second edition that looks too amazing to pass up.¬† Matt Stevenson, ex-front man for indie psych rockers Spires,¬†started a new project last year and called it Jane Church, a compound of ‘British Invasion’ psych pop and the New York garage rock revival of the early aughts.¬† New England¬†is a great example of this fusion, dancing between a Paisley Underground melody and mid-70s proto punk groove.¬† If Television and The Dukes of Stratosphear became friends and made a single, it’d sound like Jane Church.¬† On This Here City,¬†Stevenson¬†croons with stoney-eyed Lou Reed candor, but shifts gears into Brit Pop-infused higher registers as the track progresses.¬† Jane Church embodies¬†the kind of schizophrenic experimentation that a lot of rock music shies from, and every track has its own identity.¬† Solid jams throughout.

Greenway Records sold out of their first pressing so quick, they decided to make a super rare second pressing limited to a mere 85 copies, bursting with vibrant swirling colors.¬† If you missed out on the first edish, you won’t be disappointed with this variant.¬† Grab it after the ‘buy’ link.



The Details

This is a pre-order - Ships by 2/1/19

Limited 2nd pressing of this great record!
85 copies on one of a kind Molotov-Stripes vinyl!

Molotov-Stripes Vinyl - 23.98
Test Pressing Bundle - Sold Out
Bleeding Swirl - Sold Out

Test Press Bundle Includes:
1 Test Pressing w/ stamped cover
1 Molotov-Stripes Vinyl

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Price $23.98

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