RIYL: Damaged Bug, Ariel Pink, W-X, Mope Grooves

Label: Mexican Summer

Norman Brown once said “meaning is not in things but in between them.” Jack Name certainly fits that description, a formless and genreless mass of creativity that emerged in 2014 somehow somewhere. An electronic tinkerer, musical improviser, guitar innovator and all-around underground entity, Jack Name makes alien sounds that fit both within the rock and roll scope and the vast experimental bridge between no wave, post punk and everything in between. Imagine Brian Eno in 1973 locked in a small room dissecting synthesizers. Picture Jon Dwyer running through a sprinkler with a full sheet of acid in his pocket. Think Ariel Pink and John Maus huffing paint in Tom Fec’s shed somewhere in the thick forests of Pennsylvania. Jack Name exists in between the weird grey zones where genres intertwine, wrestle each other to the ground, shrug in confusion and part ways as friends.

Magic Touch is Jack Name’s third full length and it’s safe to say you should leave all expectations at the door. First single Karolina feels much less experimental upon first listen, a delicate slow jam that feels like something from Pond’s newest material. Can’t complain ’cause it sounds f-ing great. Falsetto is a good look on the man.

Mexican Summer has a super small batch of clear vinyl slabs limited to only 150 copies. Check out Karolina below and grab the wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Limited D2C edition of 150 LPs on clear vinyl

With nothing more than the bare music and unadorned language, ​Magic Touch​ casts a spell to invoke the very real magic of human connection. All you have to do is listen.

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Price $19

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