RIYL: Depech Mode, Marsheaux

Label: Axis Mundi

Veteran Sly Vinyl author David Hampton introduced the first in the series of five 10″ clear vinyl records put out by UK band IS TROPICAL as Black Anything in 2015. Part 2 is out now and features the tracks “Cruise Control” and “Say”. To summarize, each of the discs includes two tracks and were recorded on five different continents. The stenciled records indicate the continent, and when stacked they show a complete Earth. Although not a member of the original trio when they formed in London five years ago, singer Kirstie Fleck is front-and-center here. I love the crunchy guitar that rolls in and out on “Cruise Control” as the song meanders in a few different directions before its abrupt end.

The records can be ordered (or pre-ordered) individually, but are also available as a set for you completists. A bonus incentive for fans of IS TROPICAL if you are on the East Coast of the States is that they will be selling the records at a deeply discounted price on their very brief tour. The tour kicks off on March 4th and the six shows take them through to New York City a quick week later.

10″ – 45 RPM Vinyl With Songs From The Album, “Cruise Control” & “Say”
10″ X 10″ Poster And Download Card Containing Mp3 Of Each Track
*Bundle Pre-Order Includes All Five 10″ Vinyls – Each Installment Shipped Individually
Please Note Shipping Prices Include Shipping & Handling Costs Per Each Release.

The Details

IS TROPICAL, recently signed to New York based independent label Axis Mundi, set out with producer and collaborator Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode, formerly of Clor) to record their third full-length album across five continents; North America, Africa, Europe, Asia and South America. The result,Black Anything , will be released in five 10” transparent picture disc instalments, containing two tracks per vinyl. The artwork is a visual representation of both the recording process and the release with each 10” vinyl displaying the continent in which the tracks were recorded.

The five vinyls when displayed on top of each other create the globe, unifying the concept as a whole. "Each vinyl will be an art work and a tribute to the continent it was recorded in. It is being made available worldwide without prejudice to territories. The records are being promoted through local networks of people who are inspired by the project."

Starting the project by building a studio during the label’s foundation in Brooklyn, NY for their first release, ' '; the album is an evolving record of a year’s worth of the band’s noted touring schedule and ‘band without borders’ mantra. "Coming from a background as Fine Artists, we always wanted to create and establish our own project, so the inception of a musician-led record label like Axis Mundi was always imminent. "

At Axis Mundi there are no creative boundaries. Artists are implored to explore, to push limits, and experiment with wholly original concepts and approaches. Artists on the label are encouraged to collaborate with one another, blending various types of artistic expression that regularly transcends music to more visual, and often, abstract realizations.

As well as introducing the vocals of Kirstie Fleck (singer of 2013’s 'Dancing Anymore') as a full-time member of the band, as a project - rather than an album in the traditional sense - and releasing it in this modular way gives each installment its own time to stand alone and be digested. "Recording in this way has allowed the tracks to develop over time and emerge as a curated and intended body of work and is by no means a compilation or a compromise."

"We have always wanted the opportunity to present each track the way it was intended - in it’s own right and not as either a ‘single’ which is often given all the attention or a 'filler' to be largely overlooked. Presently, the value of songs is largely reflected by how many views it’s music video received and this is something we've experienced first-hand, but we have never written or released a song we didn’t want people to hear. We do not believe this should be a privileged or unusual expectation."

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