RIYL: Temples, UMO, Jacco Gardner

Label: Soul Step Records

Happy New Year, sly readers. We’re back after a brief sabbatical with more delicious rekkid posts to consume those incoming stimulus checks. First up is Cincinnati psych pop 5-piece In the Pines, who have gifted us a brand new aural delight titled Slow Blink, their newest full-length endeavor popping with shades of colorful psych guitar wizardry, soulful r&b licks and endless harmonies to soothe those 2020 hangovers. A great example of their range is on The Sun, layering in saxophones and pounding drums with two guitar leads dancing in perfect unity. Reminds me of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ newest stuff. Lots of tempo changes and interesting chord progressions to dig into.

As of the post, only about 20 copies remain of the white vinyl. The majority of them are sold through Soul Step’s subscriber list which you can sign up for HERE…for free…so there’s no excuse for missing one of their releases in the future. Check out a few of the tracks below and grab some wax after the ‘buy’ link.



The Details

Limited to 100 SNOW WHITE VINYL

Price $20

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