RIYL: Prefab Sprout, Paddy McAloon, The Blue Nile, Scritti Politti

Label: self-released

Ice Choir have vaulted back in the forefront of my mind with their latest album, Designs In Rhythm. Kurt Feldman and team revive the hyper-romantic and lofty pop you had brought to life in the 80s. Relentless synthesizers that pound and shimmer underneath Feldman’s delicate and soaring vocal work on the A-side, “Two Rings,” is what you’ll usually get from the band. The B-side, “The Ice Choir,” packs as much punch as the A-side, adding a gloriously 80s-tastic guitar to the mix, and if it says anything to you: both of these tracks ended up on the band’s debut 2012 album, Afar. The B-side, usually reserved for a “throwaway” is anything but. Both tracks heard on here are different takes on what ended up on Afar. Ice Choir successfully curates elements that made 80s music delightful and, of course, gives them a facelift for the modern era. The pastel blue, the washed out pink – they’ve got it all. I figure you all might like this since Stranger Things has brought the 80s aesthete back in to vogue for a mainstream audience. Listen to both tracks via the YouTube streams below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

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