RIYL: The Shangri-Las, The Byrds, First Aid Kit

Label: Howlin' Banana Records

Glory to rock in the highest, and on earth, peace and solid grooves towards men.

From the recording process to the three-part harmonies to the guitar tones, Gloria in Excelsis Stereo is a celebration of the 1960s.  Tracks like Braindead and Howlin’ Stones swing and sway with the sultry flirtations of French yé-yé while other tracks like In The Morning and Beam Me Up dance with the acid-drenched psych pop of The Byrds and early Jefferson Airplane.  If you dig a bit of harmony in your peyote pie, let Gloria lead you out of the desert and into the promise land.

Howlin’ Banana Records has 300 copies of the album after the ‘buy’ link.  Check out the entire album below.

The Details

Recorded in Kerwax Studios, France's best analog studio.
From the mind of Alexis Morel, French musician and producer, obsessed with 60's girl Groups and Phil Spector's signature sound.
300 copies.

Price $19.85

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