With George Clanton’s latest moniker, arriving from Mirror Kisses and Esprit 空想 (Fantasy for us filthy gaijin scum), we see him delivering something that’s marinated in the spices of 80s pop greats. As you listen to this, you’ll wonder whether to call this vaporwave, futurefunk, chillwave… does it even matter? There’s no doubt that George Clanton’s meta and extremely self-aware – he comes across as someone in a panopticon, observing those amidst the race and rampant clawing for memories of a childhood a couple decades in the past. This kitschy electronic battlefield, for some, is Clanton’s playground. In one of the awful places of the internet, known as the YouTube comment section, you’ll see keyboard warriors with anime avatars, 90s heroes and photoshopped celebrities debating whether people who produce in this umbrella are acting ironically, or un-ironically. On top of that, they wonder if you can enjoy this without irony. Perhaps Clanton’s slyly giving the -wave zeitgeist a middle finger, or perhaps he does engage in this purely for the joy of it. He might read this and smile, or sneer. I just have this feeling he’s got many trump cards up his sleeve. Listen to the 100% Electronica Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"Clanton seems to have a similar uncanny knack as artists like John Maus and Ariel Pink for creating soaring, unabashedly dramatic classic pop, and it’s clear after one listen to legit anthems like “Bleed” and “It Makes the Babies Want To Cry” that ’80s MTV heroes like Tears For Fears and New Order are obvious reference points. But this is pop music refracted and warped through Clanton’s singular and unmistakably modern lens, as he manages to turn vaporwave, chillwave, and other assorted internet-genre-waves on their collective ear, ultimately transcending all of it in the name of undeniable, timeless jams that could only exist in 2015, songs that can be at once subversive, funny, dark, poignant, and deeply affecting." - Gorilla Vs Bear
released 25 September 2015

all by myself

Price $14

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