RIYL: Silver Apples, White Noise, Ruth White, Death And Vanilla, Melody's Echo Chamber, Tara King Th.

Label: Sunstone Records

UPDATED w/6 MORE TUNES!   Garden Gate‘s upcoming album “Dark Harvest” is said to be inspired by a series of recurring dreams, journeys, channelled imagery and Tarot spreads, and the moody, somewhat baroque feel of the available title-track will crawl up your spine and tickle your neck while massaging your brain! The aesthetics in here reminds me a lot of the dreamy 60’s inspired futuristic noir-feel of Death And Vanilla, and I find it to inhabit that same bittersweet mystique that might haunt you from here on out.   I’m extremely excited to hear more from this one. Insta-buy on my end, no doubt about!

UK’s Sunstone Records have gained a reputation for releasing experimental psych-gems in low quantities, and this one is certainly another one for the quick and the curious!   99 copies only good folks, I strongly recommend you let your spirit guide you through the Buy-Now ASAP

As a bonus every copy will include a hand-stamped card from the actual Tarot Arcana the artist based the work around 😀

UPDATE (Juli 11th)!  Thanks to Guy Norton’s comment we now have two more tracks available in the bandcamp-window underneath! Thx to Jamie we also found the “HOUSES”- presentation, streaming 3 more tracks HERE, and Sunstone Records linked us up with the brilliant “Spiral Staircase” HERE! These links combined really proves this release to be a rather special one, and just as mindblowing as I was hoping 😀 



The Details

A record informed by a series of recurring dreams, journeys, channelled imagery and Tarot spreads.

Its narrative loosely centred around a Gothic heroine inadvertently discovering a strange doorway in a haunted mansion and synthesizer arrangements as garish as the rococo halls it wanders, Dark Harvest is part meditation and part thought experiment with its gnarled roots deep in the psychedelic oeuvre of Silver Apples, White Noise or Ruth White.

We're pressing 99 copies only of this very special record on joyous, pink vinyl, each will ship with one of Tim's hand-stamped Tarot cards inside that inspired and supported the weight of the work itself. Bag it, you know it makes a deep and moral sense

Thanks to Troels Mads for the tip!

Price $23.3

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