Before Future Islands called the legendary 4AD as their home, as of late, they released plenty of records on the equally legendary Thrill Jockey. Due to the spike in popularity for the band, no doubt, Thrill Jockey recently had a repressing done for this single and at press time, there’s definitively less than ninety of these lying on the Thrill Jockey shelves so if you fashion yourself as a huge fan of Future Islands, you just need to get to that Buy Now button right now. If you don’t happen to be familiar with Future Islands, you might have been living under a rock as their “Seasons (Waiting On You)” performance on Letterman went viral in thanks to Samuel Herring’s gyration and vivacity. As far as I can tell, all of their performances have that spirit. Before the Bridge is the band’s emotive brand of synthpop and a fine sample of why they’ve garnered so much love. Check out the single below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. For $5.50, it’s a steal. Cheers!

The Details

Limited to only 750 hand-numbered copies.

The 7" format exists for tight concept records like "Before the Bridge," the first release of 2011 from Baltimore-based trio Future Islands. Here F.I. serves up two addictive new tunes exploring the flip sides of love - from the hopeful first encounter to the painful final parting - each threatening to take control of your turntable once the needle hits the wax.

Impassioned A-side "Before the Bridge" finds the band returning to their North Carolina roots, recorded in Elizabeth City with close collaborator Chester Endersby Gwazda (producer of the band's most recent LP, 2010'sIn Evening Air, and Dan Deacon's Bromst). Exclusive B-side "Find Love," recorded in Baltimore with Gwazda, is an ecstatic, dancefloor-ready jam brimming with song-of-the-summer potential. Both tracks feature live drums and additional percussion by Denny Bowen (Double Dagger).

Price $5.5

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