RIYL: Girlpool, Eskimeaux, Beat Happening

Label: Bayonet Records

After last year’s Fit Me In EP, a foray into dreampop, Frankie Cosmos (a.k.a Greta Kline) announces her next thing—sophomore studio LP, Next Thing! I’ve been a fan ever since a good bud introduced me to her massive output of lo-fi, bedroom gems released under various monikers and brought me to a show. I think I’ve seen her live three times since then and can safely say that both on stage and on record, Frankie C never fails to deliver an overwhelming sense of sincerity in every aspect—musically, vocally, lyrically—that I dare any human to try and avoid being enchanted by.

The Details

01. Floated In
02. If I Had A Dog
03. Fool
04. Embody
05. Too Dark
06. Tour Good
07. Interlude
08. I’m 20
09. On The Lips
10. Sinister
11. Is It Possible/Sleep Song
12. Outside With The Cuties
13. Sappho
14. What If
15. O Dreaded C Town

Limited edition LP is on clear vinyl with white streaks; Includes a pin, a zine/poster and lip balm.
Release date: April 1st 2016.

Price $24

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