Orchid Tapes are mighty generous today, and is also offering a 2nd pressing of Foxes In Fiction‘s brilliant “Ontario Gothic” (FYI There are also some extremely limited tape-reissues of both Angeltown compilations and the Spencer Radcliffe/R.L. Kelly split!) ! As with The Bilinda Butchers, the first pressing of this went fast. Here’s what our Sir David Hamptonborough had to say about this album for the original post back in August (details updated + full album stream added);

If Sub Pop’s Beach House is the summer evening you spent at the coast with your best friends, then Foxes in Fiction is the morning after…when you wake up at sunrise with the waves hitting your feet and you remember you have a few more ice cold Hefeweizens in the cooler.

Ya see, there’s stressful stuff in your life that keeps you up at night…and then there’s music like this that erases all of it, even for a few minutes.  Tracks like Ontario Gothic, with its breathy swoons and sweeping synths, are great reminders to me that a lot of life’s stresses just don’t matter in the long run.  It’s a short life, and you’ve got to live it to the fullest.

Happy f-ing Friday, damn it.  Have as much fun as you possibly can this weekend.  GO.

The Details


This is a pre-order, records set to ship close to mid-March.
Limited to 300 transparent and sea blue records.

1. March 2011
2. Into The Fields
3. Glow (v079)
4. Shadow's Song
5. Ontario Gothic
6. Amanda
7. Altars

Features contributions from Rachel Levy, Caroline White, Sam Ray, Ansel Cohen, Beau Sorensen and Owen Pallett.

Each order will include:

• Coloured 12" vinyl
• Home-printed 11"x17" risograph poster
• Printed 12" innersleeve with lyrics & credits
• Foxes in Fiction sticker
• Foxes in Fiction pin
• A thank-you note + Orchid Tapes sticker in a stamped envelope
• A logo-stamped oolong or jasmine tea bag
• Guava candy

Thank you so much for your love and support, we wouldn't be able to do the things we do without it.

Price $20

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