RIYL: My Bloody Valentine / Lilys / Swervedriver / Airiel / Dead Horse One / Ringo Deathstarr

Label: Only Forever Recordings


Pressing has been upped to 750 copies by Diggers Factory!

Fleeting Joys is one of the few bands that defines my taste within a genre, and will only forever be one of my most treasured acts.

When Fleeting Joys suddenly appeared with their debut album “Despondent transponder” back in 2006, it hit me like a long lost favourite flavour, a multi facetted bursting wave of bliss. The swirling waves of treated guitars, the perfect mix of floating boy/girl vocals, ace basslines playing around while underscoring the fabtastic harmonies, and drums pushing it fw with just the right amount of tension and dynamics.

Their sound inherits the deep, floating aesthetics of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” and the powerful dynamics of Swervedriver at the same time, combining two of my favourite things of the genre for a quite unique outcome.

This album is finally available again below the 100$ mark, don’t miss out! 


Copies are also available through Rough Trade US  , Rough Trade UK and Norman Records (UK)

The Details

Artist : Fleeting Joys
Label : only forever recordings
Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
Country : United States
Genres : Psychedelic Shoegaze Dream Pop
Pressing : 300 Copies
Estimated delivery date : March 2021

The first release from Fleeting Joys is now available on vinyl!

"Released on CD at the start of 2006, and since then sold out , Despondent Transponder has been changing hands online for $100 a copy - and is now the subject of a limited edition re-release.”

“Fleeting Joys has got the classic My Bloody Valentine Loveless-era sound down to a "t”. The dense fog of disorienting guitars, the powerful drums, the hard to understand vocals that could be coming from a man, a woman, or both….it’s all here."

"While appreciating the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, it has never been
the goal of Fleeting Joys to imitate what they admire. 'It is merely a starting
point to expand from, experiment with, and go from there. We simply love the
experience of being drenched in crashing waves of beautifully distorted
chords!' It's from this love that the song-crafting of Despondent Transponder
answers the pop vs. noise riddle with catchy, at times - even happy - melodies
and crashing instrumentals."

Price $30

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