RIYL: Nico, Exploded View, Marching Church

Label: Altin Village & Mine

Welcome to the world of Fenster, a Berlin based experimental pop band consisting of JJ Weihl, Jonathan Jarzyna, Lucas Ufo and Elias Hock. The landscapes painted¬†shows a well versed skill and¬†perfectly simplistic space age sound that drive their melodies. The Room is their fourth full-length album and the start of a new chapter for the band. Unlike their previous albums, The Room focuses on the group as a whole, rather than any one individual artist, which is why they experimented as a collective in a single room home. “The songs were tracked live in a house where the band ate, slept, and played together. Often the songs were recorded without implementing a click track¬†[in the]¬†intent on finding and locking into a human groove‚ÄĒone open to imperfection‚ÄĒwhile still maintaining a tightness between them.”

The outcome of their experiment was a “window framing psychedelic, groovy, hypnogogic, playful pop” on the intent of having the listener feel alive and open without gargling into the chaos of our surroundings. The Room¬†starts with the title track that exceptionally¬†highlights the cohesiveness of the group, as intended, including multiple instrumentals and transitioning vocalist throughout. The 2nd track¬†‘HBW’ focuses on the female vocalist and is a very catchy song, ripe for a charted¬†single. ‘Groovin’ With The Eternal Now’ has love making music painted all over it, yet the airy/spacey vocals provide a different atmosphere among the heavy breathing rhythms. Their 8th track ‘Just¬†The Rain’ is like a walk in a rainy park with elements of being followed by someone and the relief that they weren’t following you at all, but just on their daily commute. Their second single release ‘HAHA Lol’ has a unique progression and the keyboards are the driving force in this sound providing a kaleidoscope of synthetic overtones throughout the song. The album finish on a cloud, with ‘Two Doors’ lifting the listener to a dreamy end, as if the entire album was a dream and you’ll have to listen to it again to see if it really exists, in an eternal and ethereal loop. The transitions in the final track once again highlights the skill and precision of the band, keeping in mind that this was all done in a room.

Fenster does not disappoint with their newest album and deserves notoriety as any popular Experimental Pop band out there. What they really encapsulated is the feeling of you being in the room with them as we take a space age groove ship across the mystical musical universe. Anyways, Get your grubby hands on their white vinyl, limited to 150 copies over at Altin Village & Mine (Shipping to the states is very reasonable) and enjoy.

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Release Date: September 14, 2018

Limited to 150 Per Jim of AV&M

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