RIYL: Beach Goth | Feel Good Music w/ A Dark Twist

Label: SlyVinyl Records | Gold Robot Records

Columbus, Ohio’s Way Yes gives us another peek into their upcoming album Tuna Hair with the second track off of the release titled ‘Ring The Bell‘!
Fun Fact: This is the first song for the band that drummer Max Lewis has written AND he sings the lead vocals on the track!

We spoke with Max Lewis about the new album and the future of Way Yes:

It’s been over four years since Tog Pebbles was released, when was Tuna Hair actually written?

Technically we started writing Tuna Hair around the fall/winter of 2013 when Travis, Glenn and I all began to demo new song ideas for the record. We wrote a lot of songs that didn’t make the cut, and we all probably had a different idea of what direction we were hearing the album go in, but the thing we were all agreed on was that it should be done differently than Tog Pebbles. We wanted a more organic songwriting process, where more was written at practice and with input from multiple band members than compared to how we wrote the last album.

Once we found a couple cornerstones to go off of, new songs came up as reactions to other songs, and so on, and the album began to take it’s own shape. It just waxed and waned with us during all of our life changes and the band’s available income at the time. I’m looking at the earliest session I can find for Ring the Bell and it’s from January 2014, but I know Good Old Days was written before that. And Get Dead was still being written right up until the end of the recording process in December of 2016. So, yeah, I guess Tuna Hair was actually being written almost the entire time. Just…. slowly.

When did you consider it complete? Had it been shelved for long before Gold Robot coaxed it out?

We had multiple times where we wondered if it was complete, but it never felt like we were getting there until we had enough to call it an LP. And for me, as an audio geek, it’s probably never complete. We are happy that it didn’t stay on any shelves for too long and are thankful to Gold Robot for wanting to dust it off and SlyVinyl for giving it a physical embodiment. Sometimes something can’t be real until it’s sort of out there in the world, so we still got a few days to go now until it’s complete.

Have you been playing the tracks from Tuna Hair live? Will Way Yes tour at all for Tuna Hair?

We’ve been playing some of these tracks for a couple years now, which ultimately helped in the writing process. I Can Relate and Ready to Die have been around long enough to recognize if you have seen us in the last couple years.

I am moving out of Ohio later this fall. Kind of going where the wind will take me. What that means for the record is TBD. We are opportunists when it comes to touring and there will inevitably be some opportunities here and there. The distance will obviously be a hurdle, but it’s one I’d be interested to challenge because I’d love to support Tuna Hair in any way I can.

We’d love to see you come to the West Coast some time!

We’d love to do that. Do you know anyone selling vans that are cleared for long distance surdo and timbale transport?

Can we expect more material from Way Yes in the future? More Glenn solo stuff? Any side projects?

Glenn’s got a followup to Waves & Webs due in 2018 and is mixing & producing for other artists more & more (Nick D’Andrea, Saintseneca, Sweet Teeth). Tim’s still banging skins (and playing drums) in the 90s era power rockers revival that is Van Dale. Travis started digging a hole to China at the same time we started writing Tuna Hair and sources say he is getting there. I’m looking to get a project studio up and running and got a solo thing called Teamwork that will hopefully see the light of day once I have proper footing in Denver.

Expect Tuna Hair II to be released later in 2018 after being shelved for three hundred years and sent back in time from 2340 to stop the original Tuna Hair from ever existing.


Tuna Hair is available for digital preorder via Gold Robot Records and will be pressed onto limited edition vinyl via SlyVinyl Records on October 20th!
Additionally Way Yes will perform Tuna Hair live on October 21st at Spacebar in Columbus, OH.

The Details

Produced by Way Yes
Recorded & Mixed by Jon Fintel at Relay Recording in Columbus, Ohio
Mastered by Chris Graham
Art by John F. Malta

You can also stream the first track 'Dead Ringer' below:

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