The synthpop duo of Joel Ford (of Ford & Lopatin, Games and Tigercity) and Leanne Macomber (touring member of Neon Indian and one half of Fight Bite) are brand new with their first single only releasing less than a month ago, “Jeremiah (The Denier),” and their second single releasing today called “Afraid of the Dark.” Both evoke feelings of nostalgia, seduction and tragedy. In both singles, Macomber’s honeyed and soothing vocal work juxtaposes the not-so-blissful (currently available) subject matters of defeat and denial masterfully with Ford’s uncanny and anachronistic synth lines. Both are absolute earworms. Macomber is the subject of all the available album covers we have right now and she looks nothing less than statuesque. Her ivory-like skin tone, especially on the Dominae cover, makes it seem like she’s an adroitly done sculpture in contrast to the pitch-black backgrounds. It looks like their album is slated to release November 4th and it will be Driftless Recordings first physical release. Check out “Jeremiah (The Denier)” and “Afraid of the Dark” below and see what you think of the duo’s work thus far. I can’t wait to see more from these two. Cheers!

As a fair warning, if you decide to go through and buy it, the cover is slightly NSFW.

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The Details

The Dominae vinyl run is limited and beautiful. Matte finish on the front with embossed image, Braille on the back cover, four color sleeve inside. It's only available directly through the Driftless Recordings webstore in North America.



12" Vinyl


Price $14

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