RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Frank Ocean, Tune-Yards

Label: Domino

Even as huge fan of Dirty Projectors, I admittedly never picked up on the fact that Dave Longstreth and Amber Coffman had been together until the moody, artsy “Keep Your Name” video dropped out of the blue. I didn’t feel too out of the loop as I quickly found many fans on the internet didn’t know either. But with that revelation, everything snapped into place, and a compressed wave of emotions felt through the rise and fall of an incredible working relationship hit all at once—the realization of how many songs on the past albums were love notes, the awe of their musical chemistry, the disappointment that it is likely gone for good, and heartbreak for two people losing a partner in every sense.

In all three singles so far, Longstreth navigates those emotions candidly; Frank Ocean-like in his ability to set highly personal, yet ubiquitously relatable, experiences to trans-genre production. The sound seems a natural progression from where Swing Lo Magellan left off. With clear hip-hop influences (“Now I’m listening to Kanye on the Taconic Parkway, riding fast”) added to Dirty Projectors’ signature baroque-pop elements and fearless vocals, Longstreth’s project again strikes a captivating balance between infectious pop and experimentation.

Sad as it is to see the line-up relieved of some of the most talented musicians and vocalists out there, this rebirth is a reminder that Dave Longstreth’s off-kilter, music school dropout mentality has always been at the heart of Dirty Projectors’ sound.

The Details

Dirty Projectors announce their long-awaited 7th LP. The new album does everything we want and expect from Dirty Projectors — but in a way we never could have imagined or anticipated. In a career of surprising conceptual gambits, unexpected stylistic evolutions, and continually changing lineups — this is, as DJ Khaled says, “ANOTHER ONE”! Dirty Projectors will be out February 24th, 2017 on Domino.


Limited edition, clear black smoke 2 x LP
Wide spine jacket
16 page 11 x 11 Libretto
Etched D-Side
Comes with MP3s
1. Keep Your Name
2. Death Spiral
3. Up In Hudson
4. Work Together
5. Little Bubble
6. Winner Take Nothing
7. Ascent Through Clouds
8. Cool Your Heart
9. I See You

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