Anders Rhedin’s smooth europop stylings bring visions of speedos, shrimp cocktails and hot tubs to my mind.  Picture The Psychedelic Furs backing up John Maus on a Caribbean cruise ship after consuming a bulky batch of barbiturates and ecstacy chasers.  You with me still?

DINNER is a lofi pop experiment, and Rhedin is as daring as he is playful.  On Girl, his baritone patronage to his personal Aphrodites goes as far as “Ohh whooaah…girrrl…”, but with that voice crooning in your ear?…it’s poetry, and it works.  Going Out‘s lyrical themes in the verses are particularly unorthodox, as if his Danish-to-English is lost in translation. “You are reading books, you are taking walks, you are sleeping late, and you are doing drugs, you’re hysterical, and you’re a chemical, you are wide awake, and you don’t want to escape.”  I’ve got a hunch that he’s in on the joke, and regardless if you understand or not, you’re singing along.  And isn’t that the point?

Captured Tracks is releasing all of his earlier material on wax, a similar approach that Ribbon Music took with John Maus’ 2012 rarities collection.  Let’s get weird.  Grab a copy on white wax after the ‘buy’ link, and file it next to your copy of Ariel Pink’s Pom Pom.

Listen a few of the tracks below:


The Details

All previously released 3 EPs by Dinner, gathered tidily in one place. Grab the Special Edition White Vinyl while supplies last!

Price $16

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