Just like mainstream fashion trends, music trends appear to be cycling. People miss the old and want to experience it again, recreating it in the modern world going against the mainstream trend of soulless auto-tuning and inhuman production. It’s something I wholeheartedly welcome and I’m sure many of you do as well. You’re not familiar with Deers, perhaps, and that’s because this is their debut – an AA single! They’re a Spanish duo, I believe, and I find it quite impressive that they keep their accent out of their singing for the most part. I’m not sure if it’s just two though because if you go to their Facebook, there are four women among one of their profile pictures. Hopefully, the band will elucidate on some of the details in the near future.

“Bamboo” makes you think you might have traveled back in time to Woodstock – this would be soundtracking the sunrise while you’re there, of course. “Trippy Gum” will make you think the same thing, but it would soundtrack the sunset… I wonder if they’ll sing in Spanish in the future, aside from that cover of Los Nastys’ “Holograma?” One more thing to add: this might be Mermaid Avenue‘s first release. Enough of my yammering, check out both songs below, which includes the “Bamboo” music video, and see what you think of them. Cheers!


The Details

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""Deers are mischievous, volatile, deliberately ramshackle and a breath of fresh air" -- NME
The debut AA single, 'Demo', from Deers. Limited to just 500 worldwide, and released here in the US via Mom+Pop/Mermaid Avenue.

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