Whatever the tide is bringing in down off the coast of Australia, it has seeped into the hearts of bands across the continent and coagulated in their souls…a catalyst for a rich movement of indie popgazers, fuzz rockers and psychedelic revivalists.  Add Day Ravies to the ever-growing pile of Aussie Auters, a 4-piece out of Sydney specializing in the sugar-coated hypnotic jam.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it one more damn time.  Whispery female vocals sound absolutely irresistible next to fuzzy guitars and sublime organ drone.  Liminal Zones is packed to the brim with surfy, dance-y, druggy soda pop, a perfect prescription for the summer heatwave.  It’s a methadone drip into your headphones, and there’s no bad aftertaste or hangover.  I’m not sure about the withdrawals yet, though, because I haven’t stopped listening to Ray Davies since I pressed play about 3 hours ago.

And Good Lord, Day Ravies might be the best band name I’ve heard in years.  Only 150 of these have been pressed on pink vinyl, so if you’re ready for a surefire sugar high, get on it.

The Details

Limited Edition Opaque Pink 12" LP

Only 150 of these pressed. Looks good spinning around, like waxen circular candy floss, made to visually fit the sugary goodness that flows out of it. OD on Day Ravies.

Shipping out on or around 31 August 2015
Edition of 150

Price $22.45

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