I should be in bed by now after a few hectic days.. but on my way there I decided to check out across a couple tracks from the upcoming Craft Spells album. Now time almost seems irrelevant!  I had to share this one with you before I hit the sack, no doubt about it.  There’s a eastern-vibe lingering underneath these pop-tunes, reminding me of my love for The Radio Dept and The Bilinda Butchers. Sorta melancholic, but with a great feel of hope and happiness shining through. Truly great arrangements on these two tracks, with moody mellotron and guitar-details not unfamiliar to Real Estate and the likes. Check out the songs underneath, and you’ll know what I’m talking about!


The Special Edition Box Set is limited to 500 copies, and comes in a black box with unique cover art. This contains the album on Clear Vinyl, enamel button, poster, the album on cassette, and a demo cassette.      This edition is only available directly from Captured tracks.

The Details

Craft Spells 'Nausea' Special Edition CT-200-LTD • Comes on clear vinyl • Craft Spells enamel button • Craft Spells Poster poster • Includes 'Nausea' cassette and 'Nausea' demos cassette • Encased in black box with special edition cover art• Includes download code • Not available in stores, direct only! • Limited to 500 copies


1. Nausea
2. Komorebi
3. Changing Faces
4. Untitled
5. Dwindle
6. Twirl
7. Laughing for My Life
8. First Snow
9. If I Could
10. Breaking the Angle Against the Tide
11. Still Fields (October 10,1987)

Thanks to Joshua AKA makesoundsnotlove for the tip!

Price $28

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