RIYL: Hippo Campus, COIN, Bombay Cycle Club

Label: Soul Step Records

Cincinnati’s Coastal Club are fundamentalists in the arts of jubilation. Like an ice cold Moscow Mule by the pool, their brand of summer pop is a refreshing antidote to the doom and gloom vibe this year has provided thus far. Four midwest fellas cranking out sun-kissed surf tunes? That movie writes itself, people. This may fall under “pop music”, but these endless hooks and love-soaked melodies may be the life raft you need to pull you out of existential dread and back in the high life again.

Soul Step Records only has a handful of their cherry red vinyl left as the majority of them went to the label’s subscribers. Only 100 of them were made, so if you’re enjoying the coastal vibrations, snag a copy and don’t forget to dab a little SPF50 on your nose. Check out the music video for Make It By below and hear another track after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

~ i get nervous sometimes ~
Limited to 100 Lipstick Red Vinyl!

Price $20

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