RIYL: Glass Candy, Desire, Johnny Jewel

Label: Italians Do It Better

Chromatics are no strangers to long lead times. From the ghostly synth tones down to the neon b-movie imagery, Johnny Jewel and company know exactly how they want their music to look and sound, and damn it all if they’re gonna rush anything. 2012’s universally-beloved Kill For Love was released five years after their cult classic Night Drive, and for well over 5 years, Jewel has been teasing their stratospherically-hyped follow-up album Dear Tommy. Instead, Chromatics gave us Closer to Grey. Is it a primer for an almost-ready Dear Tommy? Is it a replacement for it? A distraction from it?

Whichever it is, Closer to Grey gives Chromatics fans the sound they’ve come to expect from the band. Ruth Radelet’s vocals glide over Jewel’s phosphorescent studio production like an apparition in a lost graveyard. Adam Miller’s guitar work still evokes that New Romantic brand of pop and Nat Walker’s metronomic rhythms echo through the layers like footsteps in the dark. The question is…does the listener want the same thing or do they want something new? Penny for your thoughts…

After a few weeks of pleading and prodding from the vinylheads, Italians Do It Better has an ocean blue variant up for grabs after the ‘buy’ link. No quantity has been mentioned, but the label is known for pressing large numbers. You may not need to rush into buying just yet, but feel free to listen to the album below and catch the vibe.

The Details

Gatefold 180 Gram 2xLP On Ocean Blue Vinyl


Price $25

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