RIYL: TV Girl, Vaporwave, Barber Beats

Label: SlyVinyl Records


BLOODbath64 is a non-canon release from the minds that brought you the beloved Indie-Pop combo TV Girl. A “side-project” done in the “vaporwave” style. Don’t worry if you don’t know what vaporwave is, for this is the first, the last, the only vaporwave album you will ever need.

Wax Mage LP (/25) *
Violent + Pink/Blue Splatter LP (/50)
Violent + Pink Splatter LP (/150)
Strawberry Pink LP (/200)
Wax Mage copies will be raffled – read details below!

Haircuts For Men – Solo Works 1982​~​2016

Haircuts For Men is the original barber beats aficionado!
His cool, jazzy compositions are the perfect thing for a relaxing day of staring off into liminal space…
The two tracks selected from his larger ‘Solo Works Discography’ are the only two not compiled from one of HFM’s many other albums. First time on vinyl! Holographic OBI strips are hand numbered!

Wax Mage 7″ (/25) *
Marbled Blue 7″ (/300)
Wax Mage copies will be raffled – read details below!

On Sale January 28th @ 9AM PST
Exclusively on SlyVinyl Records!

To combat record scalpers and evil robots, SlyVinyl will be moving to a Raffle-based model to sell our Wax Mage and other super-limited items.

Therefore, only the standard variants will be made available for direct purchase on SlyVinyl.com.

We will be selecting buyers of the standard variants to win the chance to convert your order to a Wax Mage (or other deluxe item).

Here’s how it will work:


We are raffling off the opportunity to UPGRADE your order to a Wax Mage copy.

You must place an order for a standard variant to enter.

All Orders placed between Friday, January 28 @ 9:00AM PT and Jan 29 @ 11:59PM PT will be eligible to be selected.

Winners will be contacted privately that Sunday via email and will have 24 hours to respond. A ‘No Response’ will initiate a new drawing for that record.


Your Order # will be your raffle number.

Order #s will be put into a Random Number Generator to select the winning numbers.

Each individual buyer has MAX 1 raffle entry, no matter how many copies/orders placed.
(i.e. three different orders will not result in 3 raffle chances)


Winners will have the choice to add on the new item to your existing order, OR you can pay the difference and receive just the upgrade. Either way, winners will be sent a PayPal link to pay.

Price $25

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