Marfa, Texas really seems to have become the topic du jour. Brian LeBarton, Beck’s and, now, Feist’s keyboardist, moved there and has his own radio show. Of course, Feist paid Marfa a visit during her spring tour last year and even guest starred on LeBarton’s radio show. Grizzly Bear moved to Marfa and recorded their latest LP,¬†Shields.¬†Prada has a mock store just outside of Marfa. Now, we have Eleanor Friedberger mentioning Marfa in her latest 7″s title! I assume she’s talking about this specific Marfa (just did a Google search, and I didn’t find any others) because the B-side to this 7″ is called “Dallas.” The A-side is called “I’ll Never Be Happy Again.” As far as I know, the Fiery Furnaces siren doesn’t have any preview or stream to these tracks available but if I am wrong, drop a comment below and I’ll host the link here in the article!

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Limited to 500 vanilla/off-white vinyl

Price $6.99

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