Berlin has become the international hideaway for the arts community; this generation’s Paris or Morocco. As the years progress, I appear to read about more and more artists (specifically in the underground/indie world) setting up shop in Berlin. I’m admittedly ignorant as to why Berlin has become the new hotspot, but maybe you could enlighten me and other readers in the comments section below. Due to the cosmopolitan status the city has achieved, the Berlin-based Ballet School is comprised of a Japanese-Brazilian guitarist, an Irish singer, and a British drummer. The three-piece’s debut full-length is releasing on Bella Union, which is quite fitting because they’re Cocteau Twins fans and you can clearly hear the influence (along with other dream pop acts from the 80s/90s) within The Dew Lasts An HourThe Dew Lasts An Hour is aural linen with its smooth texture and its formidable breathability. If you grew up in the late 80s or the 90s (like me), expect your eyes to glaze over with nostalgia. The album is slated to drop tomorrow, so get on it. Check out the Hype Machine exclusive stream of The Dew Lasts An Hour below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The Dew Lasts An Hour, the new album from Ballet School.
Release date: 7th September 2014

Two special packages available:

* CD - including additional bonus songs (tracklist below)

1. Sara
2. Boys Again
3. Afterglow
4. Parisina
5. Day Off School
6. Heartbeat Underdrive

* White Vinyl including Hologram Sticker

Price $25.96

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