RIYL: Chromeo, Vulfpeck, The Gap Band

Label: Soul Step Records

I can’t get that funky smell out my nostrils.  Automagik’s newest full-length Goldmine has been wafting into my eardrums all day and, by sheer tyranny of will, it’s crept into my nasal cavity.  It smells like a rollerskating rink in 1983, a gorgeous ensemble of microwaved hamburgers, Jäger-soaked carpet and freshly-iron Calvins drizzled in Stetson cologne.  Similar to Chromeo’s irony-free tribute to funk’s heyday in the 80s, Automagik are bursting at the pant seams with heaping helpings of punchy synths and bulging bass licks.  And don’t even think about not taking these fellas seriously.  There’s as much musicianship in these tracks as any of your favorite Vulfpeck tunes, so what the funk you waitin’ fer?

Soul Step Records only made 100 copies of the rekkid on 24k gold vinyl, so grab one now before they’re funkin’ GONE.  Check out their music video for Stop Drop Dance below and get some waxy treats after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Vinyl for this amazing record will be released exclusively to Soul Step Subscribers on Friday, November 30th. General Public sales will be live on Monday, December 3rd.
Limited to 100 24K vinyl

Price $20

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