Astronauts, etc. is the brain child of Anthony Ferraro. His days in UC Berkeley would have led him down more of a classical route but when arthritis took over, things changed. Having dropped out, he was seeking new avenues for life in general. But, as we all know, once music enters your life it’s not something that just goes away. The desire to explore his own artistic abilities didn’t go anywhere. Instead, he began recording bedroom compositions under the name Astronauts etc., “a name he selected in reference to his reputation among friends as a space cadet with a tendency to let his mind wander wildly.” Having only a few releases under his belt thus far, we now have Mind Out Wandering as his most current endeavor, a dreamy adventure through a mental landscape of poppy indulgence.

Released under Hit City U.S.A, this album is available on a standard black vinyl ($18) as well as this ultra limited yellow vinyl. The release page makes no mention as to whether or not the black is also 180g but the yellow most certainly is.

Check out three tracks from the album just below!

The Details

Limited Edition 180 Gram Yellow Vinyl

25 Copies of "Mind Out Wandering" available in beautiful opaque yellow colored vinyl! 180 gram, super limited edition, comes with 8x8 art print of alternate cover photo.

Includes digital pre-order of Mind Out Wandering. You get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

shipping out on or around 18 September 2015

edition of 25
Pre-order Now $45 USD

The desire to explore other creative processes and solidification of his live band led this collection of songs to be recorded mostly live to tape through fully analog technology at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. Blending thawed-out '70s tones with sentiments of soul and echoes of modern indie guitar rock, Ferraro's piano and Rhodes provide nearly as much a presence on each track as his own falsetto.

Astronauts, etc.'s debut album, Mind Out Wandering, will be released Sept. 18 on Hit City U.S.A.

Price $45

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