From the sound of the music to the album cover, there are some very apparent 80’s vibes going on with Demimonde.

The background here is interesting with the drummer of Baroness, Allen Blickle, having departed from the band to focus on Alpaca with former step-brother, Justin Nuckols. The origins of this release, and these two, stretches back to the late-90’s. With the many sessions throughout this time, Demimonde is a piece of work that actually saw years of tweaking in it’s coming to fruition. Although it wasn’t always the Alpaca project in mind, this is something that Allen Blickle has been nurturing on and off during his touring time with Baroness…

…Sometimes you just have to go with what matters to you. This is the culmination of a man doing just that!!

Demimonde comes housed in a five-color gatefold LP jacket with added spot-gloss finish and includes a high quality digital download!!

You’ll find two tracks below but you can also check out the album being streamed entirely via Impose Magazine, just click this sentence!


The Details

Alpaca - Demimonde - COLORED VINYL 12" (Robotic Empire)
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Los Angeles / Brooklyn duo ALPACA is comprised of vocalist Justin Nuckols and multi-instumentalist Allen Blickle. Their debut album, Demimonde, was recorded over a five year period across locations in New York and the members' native Virginia. Much of ALPACA's material was initially created throughout arduous tour schedules for Baroness, the accomplished hard rock band for which Blickle drummed. The dance, pop, and melody-driven compositions Blickle crafted for ALPACA juxtapose with Nuckols’ darker, groove-focused, and harmonic vocal explorations.

The musical collaboration between these two ex-step-brothers began in the late 1990s while still high school students in the small Appalachian town of Lexington, VA. After separate nomadic wanderings around the States during their early 20s, Nuckols and Blickle both wound up in Brooklyn, NY in 2007.

ALPACA quietly and intermittently recorded material between Baroness' tour activities, finally hunkering down in the winter of 2012-2013 to expand their mutual visions and perfect mixes. The pair ultimately finished a body of work many years in the making and the end-result is a reflective and cinematic experience, musing in concert through a balance of cynicism, uncertainty, and optimism.

To compliment the level of detail the music received, the vinyl edition of Demimonde comes housed in a five-color gatefold LP jacket with added spot-gloss finish. Accordingly elaborate color vinyl (ltd to 800) is joined by a high-quality digital download.

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