Norwegian composer, arranger and producer Alexander von Mehren released his debut-album “Aéropop” in August 2013, and I’ve been waiting eagerly for a chance to share this one with you. Now he’s got his Aéroshop up, and this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself with a christmas present that keeps on giving.

Aéropop is an exeptionally well crafted musical trip through the mind of the 28-year old artist, who is deep into French, British and Italian library music and soundtracks of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s brimfull of rich and complex arrangements of orchestrated alternative pop music, and deserves your definite attention throughout! The There are some major Stereolab, The High Llamas, Tortoise and The Sea and Cake references in here, and it comes as no surprise that it was mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea And Cake) together with Alexander. The instrumentation is rock-solid (Alex plays most of the instruments himself), and the album features musical contributions from members of The High Llamas, Jaga Jazzist and Orwell in addition to an array of strings and brass performers.

This release is a joint effort between The Control Group (North America), Rallye Label (Japan), Folkwit Records (United Kingdom), Klangkollektivet (Norway) and Aéropop Records (RoW), and comes on 2x180g Black Vinyl housed in a stunning gatefold jacket including free digital download. Pick your regional provider in the Aéroshop via the “Buy Now” link!

I’ve attached a couple of live videos from his release party in Bergen last year for your enjoyment, be sure to check them out!

ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE AÉROSHOP:  the superb remix-album “AÉROPOP REVISITED“, limited to 300 individually numbered 12” in a gatefold jacket! This includes some outstanding remixes by Sean O’Hagan (Stereolab, The High Llamas), Andy Ramsay & Joe Watson (Stereolab), Young Dreams, Orwell, Dave LeBleu (The Mercury Program) and Crookram!


The Details

Aéropop is Alexander von Mehren's debut album, especially inspired by 60s/70s library music and soundtracks and focused primarily on orchestrated alternative pop sung in French and English and instrumental tracks. The album was recorded at von Mehren's studio over a five-year period, mixed by John McEntire (Stereolab, Tortoise) and von Mehren and mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios. von Mehren plays most of the instruments himself, including piano, Rhodes, Moog, vibraphone, bass and drums. Aéropop also features members of The High Llamas, Jaga Jazzist and Orwell.

1. La Chanson de Douche
2. Teria
3. Le Détective Ingénieux
4. Aller-Retour
5. Natural Selection
6. Switched On
7. Winter Comes
8. Insouciance
9. Champs-Élysées
10. La Variation de Douche
11. Neuschwanstein
12. Bahnhof
13. Chalet d'Alpage
14. Aérosuite, Partie A: Ouverture
15. Aérosuite, Partie B: Pop Baroque
16. Aérosuite, Partie C: Interférences
17. Aérosuite, Partie D: Altitude
18. Aérosuite, Partie E: Proximité
19. Aérosuite, Partie F: Vélodrome
20. Aérosuite, Partie G: Survol de l'Amérique

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