This one…   This might be the best bedroom pop/ lo-fi indie I’ve heard in a long time. Pure quality! This guy is only 21 years old, but has released a tremendous amount of tunes, and from what I’ve managed to listen to so far there’s no skipping-material in here AT ALL!   With little or less promotion through 3-4 years of putting out his stuff through his Bandcamp directly from his laptop, he is has now suddenly become a name on a lot of lips.  He won The Deli Philly’s Best Emerging Artists of 2013 Readers’/Fans’ Poll back in february, and I dare to say we will hear a lot more from this fella from here on out.  DSU is his first material put out on vinyl, released via Brooklyn-based Orchid Tapes on the 17th of June.   Also take a look at the goodies you’ll recieve along with the album, a total high five-package!

NOTE! This is the second pressing of this album, limited to 250 Doublemint Green and Deep Purple Vinyl, pressed together in a single record. The first batch of 250 copies (125 Translucent Kelly Green-/125 Translucent Deep Purple Vinyl) was pre-sold within hours!

Check out his Bandcamp with all “name your price” downloads HERE

There’s also a few of his 7″ split via Birdtapes with RL Kelly limited to 300 copies on Mint/Purple Vinyl HERE



Pictured is the split 7″

The Details


DSU is Alex G's first full length release with Orchid Tapes and his first full length on vinyl. Records to ship close to June 17th.

1. After Ur Gone
2. Serpent is Lord
3. Harvey
4. Rejoyce
5. Black Hair
6. Skipper
7. Axesteel
8. Sorry
9. Promise
10. Icehead
11. Hollow
12. Tripper
13. Boy

First pressing imited to 125 kelly green & 125 deep purple records (both translucent). Every 50th record sold in through the first pressing will include one of 5 test-pressing of the record.

Second pressing limited to 250 doublemint green and deep purple coloured vinyl, pressed together in a single record.

Each order will include:

• DSU 12" vinyl
• An info/lyrics/artwork insert
• A thank-you note + Orchid Tapes sticker
• A hand-pressed Alex G button
• A logo-stamped oolong or jasmine tea bag
• Guava candy
• Endless love from your friends here at Orchid Tapes :+)

Price $20

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