RIYL: AIR, Drakkar Noir, Stereolab, Broadcast, Pink Floyd

Label: Mega Dodo

Wow.. 62 Miles from Space, take notice!

The title-track from their upcoming EP is an airy piece of pop-finesse, that brings notion of a project that is destined to reach far and wide.  There is a certain flair of early AIR-sounding elements in this track, but it also brings remeniscense of Stereolab, Broadcast and the majestic soundscapes of Pink Floyd. Featuring a groovy bassline backed by a sweet beat, swirling organs/ atmospheric synths, spaced effects and lush vocals, it’s designed to sweep the rug beneath your feet and lift your mind to another plane of existence.  This track is the first to be heard from the Moscow-founded duo consisting of Neil Davidson (IE) and Roman Kutnov (RU), and is to be found on their first EP “Time Shifts” dropping via Mega Dodo on October 20th.

Based on the quality of this track it baffles me that there is very little info to be found about these guys, but I’ve noticed that Kutnov has a history of ambient and cinematic influenced electronica work through his Nole Plastique-moniker, and most recently with his project Corell.

Be sure to check this out good folks, this is one for the Books!  With only 300 being pressed, I suggest you get in at ground-level.

The Details

62 Miles From Space 'Time Shifts' EP

Track listing
1. Time Shifts
2. The Scope
3. Outside
4. Bad Actors

12-inch red vinyl EP limited to 300 copies. Comes with download card featuring bonus tracks.

62 Miles From Space is a two-piece virtual music project founded in Moscow consisting of Neil Davidson (samples, programming) and Roman Kutnov (guitar, vocals). The fact that they lived in the same city is purely a coincidence however. Their music lives entirely on the internet and now on vinyl. They don't jam, they don't play live and mostly use virtual instruments, and their collaboration is centered around e-mail.

Price $10.4

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