RIYL: This Providence, The Audition, Say Anything

Label: Enjoy The Ride Records

They may no longer be a band (even more tears than the previous post had), but they’re releasing some of the original albums never before seen on vinyl! This time, it’s “So Young, So Insane,” their follow up to “Party for the Grown and Sexy,” and it’s just as amazing. These are the last two albums that were never released on vinyl, and therefore the only two I don’t have! If you’ve never heard them you’ll need to give their Spotify list a spin, because man can these guys rock out. Make sure you jump on this quick, especially if you want the really rare variants. I’d imagine these will be selling like hotcakes. Hotcakes that will tear you up (ok, that’s the last crying statement I’ll make, promise).

Note: Goes on sale 3/18/2017 at 12:00PM EST

The Details

Enjoy The Ride Records is proud to announce the first ever vinyl release of You, Me, and Everyone We Know's second EP, So Young So Insane.

The album has been remastered for the format and has been pressed on 140 gram colored vinyl at 45rpm for superior sound quality. The album contains a hidden bonus cover of " Livin' th' Dream," performed by Max Bemis of Say Anything and comes housed in an upgraded 400gsm with a 24" x 12" double-sided insert, featuring full lyrics from both Enjoy The Ride releases, including newly written liner notes by Ben Liebsch.

Limited edition colored vinyl variants are White/Red/Yellow Stripe with Blue and Black Splatter (300 copies), White with Red White and Yellow Splatter (250 copies), White in Red Color in Color (150 copies), and Clear Red Split with White and Yellow Splatter (100 copies). An exclusive Yellow Splatter (200 copies) will be available from online retailer, Smartpunk.

Track Listing

"I Can Get Back Up Now" Featuring Max Bemis of Say Anything (3:40)
"Could It Be Sunstroke?" (2:58)
"A Symptom" (2:02)
"Colorful Language" (3:07)
"Sometimes We Have Too Much Fun" (2:50)
"Happy Birthday" (3:59)

Note: Each record has a unique blend of color & may not look identical to the sample photo's

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Price $17.99

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