RIYL: This Providence, The Audition, Say Anything

Label: Enjoy The Ride Records

They may not be a band anymore (tears are flowing over here, guys), but as a well deserved send-off they are releasing the never-before-on-vinyl EP ‘Party For The Grown and Sexy.” This is amazing, especially for a super fan like myself (I might cry all day now) because this is the original EP, and the one that made me say “hold my beer, I’m going to dance” for the last 15 years. There are some really cool variants here, so if you want the super limited ones, you’re going to need to get on that ASAP. Spread the nostalgia and feel the love!

Note: Goes on sale 3/17/2017 at 12:00PM EST

The Details

Enjoy The Ride Records is proud to announce the first ever vinyl release of You, Me, and Everyone We Know's debut EP, Party for the Grown and Sexy.

The album has been remastered for the format and has been pressed on 140 gram colored vinyl at 45rpm for superior sound quality. The album comes housed in an upgraded 400gsm with a 24" x 12" double-sided insert, featuring full lyrics from both Enjoy The Ride releases, including newly written liner notes by Ben Liebsch.

Limited edition colored vinyl variants are Clear with White Smoke (300 copies), Party Cup Red/Beer Split (250 copies), Beer Spill [Beer inside Clear] (150 copies), and Glass Water Pipe Split [Clear Green Clear with White Splatter] (100 copies). An exclusive Yellow Splatter (200 copies) will be available from online retailer, Smartpunk.

Track Listing

"Livin' th' Dream" (2:54)
I'd Be More Interested if You Were Already Spoken For" (4:04)
"Do It Again! You're Not Making Me Want to Touch You!" (2:44)
"The Press War" (3:14)
"Dirty Laundry" (3:48) †
"...Because I Spit Hot Fire" (2:49)
"The Rent Is Due" (3:25)
"Carolina Heat" (3:16)

Note: Each record has a unique blend of color & may not look identical to the sample photo's

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Price $17.99

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