You read that title right, there’s only twenty of these bigguns left for the taking. These were found during a Kill Rock Stars office clean up over the holidays. It’s rare that a company finds long lost treasure during some tidying up, but it surely does happen. It happens all the time with film and it luckily happens with music too. You might look below and find that a $25 price tag is a bit out of your range for a compilation but here’s another kicker to this – these were released over twenty years ago and they’re still sealed. Now the title is slightly misleading as signed on the cover of this is the quantity which denotes a pressing of 808 (Kill Rock Stars also specifies in the description of this release that it’s 808). Who knows where the other 787 copies even are? They could be mangled beyond repair, burned up, barely used or still sealed in the original packaging. I like to think of compilations as time capsules as they give you a glance in to what was “hot” at the time. I’m not going to lie – I’ve never seen some of these names; Bumblescrump, Pansy Division or Slant 6 for example. If grimy indie rock or post-hardcore are your thing, this is your thing. I’ve linked a song from Heroin and Tiger Trap below, so see what you think of those. Of course, feel free to explore the other names that are on this list. Cheers!

The Details

While cleaning the office for the holidays, we found a box of 20 copies of the first pressing of our classic STARS KILL ROCK compilation! These records come with beautiful silk screened and hand numbered covers in an edition of 808.

Includes songs by Tiger Trap, godheadSilo, The Frumpies, Jack Acid, Tribe 8, Versus, Slant 6, Karp, Mary Lou Lord, Huggy Bear, Calamity Jane, Heroin, Adickdid, Getaway Car, Bumblescrump, Cheesecake, Pansy Division, and Nikki McClure!

Because these are sealed records from 1993, they do not include a download code.


Toy not included!

Price $25

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