RIYL: Weird Al fronting Green Day

Label: Greenway Records

New York pop punk trip The Young Rochelles hold a special place in Greenway Records’ heart.  They were the label’s first release in 2015, and 2 years and 29 releases later, we’ve got their vinyl return with three brand new tracks.  Each no more than a minute and a half, this is pop punk bubble gum at its sugariest.  If Weird Al dropped the accordian, stabbed Billie Joe Armstrong in the throat with a dull deer antler and then took over Green Day as the frontman, you might get something that sounds like The Young Rochelles.

To celebrate the reunion, Greenway is producing a beautiful splatter vinyl variant with a hand-printed sleeve.  Those will run you $12.  If all you care about is the music, then grab the clear vinyl version for $8.  Both options are limited to 100 copies.  Check out the video for the title track below and pick your poison after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Clear Vinyl - $8 - limited to 100
Blood & Bones Splatter w/ hand-printed & numbered cover- $12 - limited to 100
Both Version Bundle (2 records) - $19.99

Splatter edition come with Dan Curran hand printed cover!

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Price $12

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