RIYL: Rainer Maria, The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids

Label: Vagrant

When I get into that nostalgic frame of mind and want that¬†quintessential midwest emo album, I immediately put on The Anniversary’s classic debut Designing a Nervous Breakdown. ¬†Released in 2000, emo had already morphed¬†and splintered into subgenres, but The Anniversary were one of the few groups in the arena that found a truly unique voice, thanks¬†in part to¬†Josh Berwanger and¬†Adrianne Verhoeven’s boy-girl harmonies and to their inclusion of the moog synthesizer¬†as a centric instrument. ¬†While my emo phase was short-lived, I’m happy that it happened while these guys were in their prime.

For well over a decade, fans have been begging for a reissue, and it’s finally here! ¬†The splatter variant is the rarest of the bunch, but you have a myriad of color choices that you can check out HERE. ¬†You can also grab their very underrated sophomore release Her Majesty with that link too.

The Details

Splatter Vinyl
Limited to 150 pieces

Price $24.99

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