I’m 33 years old.  I have a mortgage, a wife, kids and a Netflix subscription.  Am I still allowed to get choked up when I hear a song?  What are the rules here?  Enter Sullivan, indie darlings since the early 2000s, riding (and surviving) the wave of emo and its vast subgenres.  Almost 7 years ago, they put out Cover Your Eyes, an immediate fan favorite that catapulted them into the Billboard charts, but never followed up with another full-length.  Rivers ran clear with their fans’ tears for years and years, begging and pleading for something new…and they’ve finally answered.

The first single What’s Good for the King is so impossibly catchy, I don’t know whether to smile until my face hurts or cry like I’m watching a Tom Hanks Oscar acceptance speech.  Wherever the magic comes from, it’s a reminder of why I loved bands like The Get Up Kids, Further Seems Forever and the groups that weren’t too cool to reach for the rafters.

The beautiful ‘Jadeite’ variant, featured above, is selling out the quickest, so get on that.  Click the buy link to check out all the other great color variants, though.  You can even buy it on limited (gasp) black vinyl.  Check out Spartan Records’ other releases too if you’re into it.

The Details

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

* 180 Gram Black (100)
* 180 Gram "Vintage" Green (100)
* 180 Gram "Parchment" (Gold/Bone Swirl with Yellow and White Splatter) (100)
* 180 Gram "Jadeite" (Mint / "Vintage" Green Swirl with White, Kelly Green, and Coke-Bottle Green Splatter) (100)
* 180 Gram "Tiffany" ("Vintage" Green / Orange Swirl with Gold, Brown, and Beer Splatter) (100)

Full color jackets printed on uncoated stock with black dust jackets and a 12 page 12" x 12" book printed on uncoated stock.

This is a pre-order. All pre-orders come with an instant download of "What's Good For The King" and a full download of Heavy Is The Head on December 9th. All physical orders will ship the week of December 9th.

Price $19.99

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