While this album is only the first of the grand emo band that is The Starting Line, I believe it is also the best. It came along at the same time as a lot of the emo crowd, but managed to differentiate itself with the perfect combination of vocals and hard playing guitar and drums. “The Best Of Me” is oen of their best songs ever, and “Up and Go” switches things up, give both a listen in case you haven’t heard of them (or haven’t listened to them in a while).

I have been beyond excited for this release, but Shop Radio Cast was mum on the subject for over three months. But NO LONGER! Releasing tomorrow (March 27th) at 1PM EST, the vinyl will finally go live! Get on the limited one quick, I would imagine it will go really quick.

The Details

- Double 180 Gram vinyl with D Side Etching
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Gatefold jacket, 11 x 11 Insert

Vinyl Color:
Green (Pantone 5777c) - SRC Exclusive, LTD 500 copies!
Blue (Pantone 7696c)

Track Listing

Side A
Up & Go
Given the Chance
The Best of Me
A Goodnight's Sleep

Side B
Almost There, Going Nowhere
Cheek to Cheek
Hello Houston
Decisions, Decisions
Saddest Girl Story

Side C
Left Coast Envy
The Drama Summer
This Ride
The Best Of Me (Acoustic)
Greg's Last Day

Price $29.99

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