RIYL: Further Seems Forever, The Get Up Kids, Elliott, Alt-Emo vibes

Label: Spartan Records

Spartan Records has carved out a unique niche over the past few years for fans of emo’s golden years.  Whether you spent your adolescence in the mid 90s and let Sunny Day Real Estate soundtrack your first heartbreak or found solace in Chris Carabbas’ mournful ballads in the early aughts, Spartan Records is your emo catheter.

Meet the melancholic melodies of Secret Stuff, now out with a 5-track EP that calls to mind the stinging winter mourning of Elliott’s alt-emo classic False Cathedrals as well as the bleeding heart of Further Seems Forever’s The Moon is Down.  The guitars swirl and weep while the vocals reach for the stratosphere, an A1 combo for any aspiring emo group, n’est pas?  If you’ve ever put American Football on a mix tape or screamed in your car along to the words of The Get Up Kids’ Anne Arbour, perhaps it’s time you made Secret Stuff your 2016 valentine.

The vinyl is straight up gorgeous too.  Beautiful etched vinyl and slick colorways await you after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

First pressing limited to 500 copies:

• White with Blue Circles (150)
• Milky Clear with Aqua Blue, Sea Blue, Royal Blue, and Baby Blue Splatter (350)

Etched b-side. Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with printed uncoated insert.

Price $13.99

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