RIYL: heart-on-sleeve emo pop

Label: Spartan Records

For all ye loyal emo-ites, I give thee another two bands caught up in the recent surge of bleeding heart emo pop.  Long story short, Nashville’s Secret Stuff is going on tour this summer with a band called Sundressed from Phoenix and Spartan Records is releasing a split 7” to commemorate the tour featuring 2 new songs from each band, and they’ve made a special “state flag” inspired variant for both bands and an exclusive colorway for the label as well.

Most of the copies are going out on tour with the bands and only 50 copies of each of the variants are available online, so for all of you indoor kids who can’t stand the sight of the sun and refuse to pause your pokemoning shenanigans, this may be your only shot for some delicious-looking wax.  The variant pictured above, limited to 100, is the rarest of the 3, so that one will surely be the first to disappear.  Check out one of Sundressed tracks below.


The Details

First pressing limited to 500 copies:
• "Arizona" (Aqua Blue / Transparent Bright Yellow Half and Half with Red Splatter on Yellow Half) (200)
• "Tennessee" (Aqua Blue / White Swirl with Red Splatter) (200)
• "Washington" (Cyan Blue / Transparent Yellow / Transparent Green Triple Swirl) (100)

Full color jacket printed on uncoated stock.
This is a pre-order. All pre-orders include an instant download of Sundressed's "Autopilot" and a full high quality of the EP on July 29th. Vinyl will ship in August.

Price $9.99

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