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Sports! Now that that’s out of the way, let me talk to you about a band that I like very much. SPORTS formed at Kenyon College, a liberal arts school located in The Middle of Nowhere, Ohio (isn’t all of Ohio the middle of nowhere?). They self-released a tape on bandcamp, which garnered so much attention that they were invited to play at Baby’s All Right for the 3rd Indie Pop Prom; but that was many moons ago…I was a different man back then, and SPORTS was a different band. Today SPORTS cannot be found in the tiny college town of Gambier. Like a break shot in pool (pool’s a sport, right?), the bbs that once constituted the group have scattered, leaving behind Kenyon, the epicenter of all that is pure/puerile in the world. Technically there is still one “SPORT” left at school, but let us not speak of him. To me, SPORTS as a band represents the crossing of paths and the intimacy of the college indie scene. James Karlin, who plays bass in the group, was a high school friend of mine from Los Angeles. Another pal of mine, who I met in college on the opposite side of the country, wrote an article for Impose, introducing SPORTS and putting them on the map. Funny how these things work…As for the music, I’ll let the band speak for themselves.

The Details


SPORTS is a 4-5 piece basement rock band, started in 2012 at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. The band's original line-up consisted of Carmen Perry on vocals and guitar, Benji Dossetter on drums, James Karlin on bass, and Catherine Dwyer on guitar. Early in the band's formation, the group demoed some songs at their college radio station, WKCO. This recording would later birth their first album, Sunchokes, in the spring of 2014. After Catherine graduated and the others remained at Kenyon, Jack Washburn entered the band in summer of 2014 in her place on guitar and vocals. SPORTS has explored beyond the Buckeye state, playing with contemporaries including Radiator Hospital, Priests, Porches., and Pinegrove.

The band’s second album titled All of Something was recorded in Philadelphia with celebrated DIY producer and musician Kyle Gilbride (Waxahatchee, Girlpool, Swearin’). Catherine rejoined the band for the sessions, and the now quintet found a fuller sound with all hands on deck. All of Something unfurls like a flag outside a midwestern bedroom window, lifted with the air of uncertainty of those first, confusing steps of adulthood. Perry’s freckled voice, equal parts longing and hopeful, carries through with damning drums and tickling guitar solos. Each song jangles on, sometimes releasing declarative, fighting words and other times as careful as notes left on the fridge.

Track Listing
01. Stunted
02. Saturday
03. Getting On in Spite of You
04. Reality TV
05. Town
06. Harder
07. Get Bummed Out
08. GDP
09. Clean Socks
10. The Washing Machine

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