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Producer Will Yip has put together a compilation that is all about the family of Studio 4. This release compiles B-Sides and unreleased tracks from many of the artists he’s worked with over the past 10 years. Proceeds will go to further fund the partnership at Studio 4!

Artists include: Title Fight, Daylight, Circa Survive, Polar Bear Club, Citizen, Light Years, Sainthood Reps, Koji, None More Black, Tigers Jaw, Turnover, Pity Sex, Man Overboard, Anthony Green, & Balance and Composure. You can find the Track Listing down below.

This is an adventurous endeavor. We commend your efforts Mr. Will Yip!

“This compilation is about family. It’s the coming together of a tight knit community made up of the best bands and friends I know all in one place. Every band is helping me create a permanent production home our music scene has never had before… We’re making the legendary Studio 4 ours… a home and one of a kind environment where we can forever be able to create the best possible product without limitations.” –Will Yip

The Details

"Off the Board : A Studio 4 Family Compilation" - Digital CD Vinyl

LIMITED TO ONE AND ONLY PRESSING ON VINYL featuring all exclusive songs recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio 4.

/2000 - Black
/500 - Red
/500 - Green

NOTE: Vinyl colors are approximate.

**Vinyl purchase includes full album digital download via email on October 8th.

1. Title Fight - "Another One"
2. Daylight - "Siblings"
3. Circa Survive - "Nobody Can Change"
4. Polar Bear Club - "New Hollywood"
5. Citizen - "Cicuta"
6. Light Years - "I Couldn't Change"
7. Sainthood Reps - "Gloom"
8. Koji - "Breaking and Broken"
9. None More Black - "That Thing That Separates Em"
10. Tigers Jaw - "Carry You Over"
11. Turnover - "Flicker and Fade" (FULL BAND)
12. Pity Sex - "Euclid"
13. Man Overboard - "I Hate Her"
14. Anthony Green - "The More You Get, The Less You Are"
15. Balance and Composure - "Why Do You Leave Us?"

Price $20

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