La Dispute’s music is a duality that swings between angst-filled screaming and spoken-word poetry. I got into La Dispute when I first heard ‘Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair’. While grating at times, the lyrics and true feelings represented in his lyrics drew me in. Since then, I have continued to follow the progression of style, and the newest album, ‘Rooms of the House’, is a rounding out of styles. While he still spends many songs speaking lyrics over guitar riffs, there are also signs of an attempt to ‘sing’ in the traditional sense. The standout songs on the album for those wanting to check them out are two parts of his ode to a love – ‘Woman (In Mirror)’ and ‘Woman (Reading)’.

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This Newbury Comics Exclusive Vinyl pressing is limited to 500 pieces, and comes with a digital download card.

Orders are limited to (3) per customer.

Price $25.99

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